The Truth Behind Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are a craze that just won’t seem to quit. As housing gets increasingly expensive and the need to live more simply grows, the idea of downsizing into an ultra-planned, super small space appeals to more and more people. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses when you move into a space less than 500 square feet; there may be some downsides that we haven’t considered.


The first to start with is having to downsize all your stuff. Most people realize this, of course, but they may not have really thought about it. This means having way less room for keepsakes or things that hold sentimental value, so you may have to toss out items you never ever would have to fit in the space.


People living together in small spaces also have to get used to the idea that there will be no privacy, ever. When you can cross an entire house in six long strides, you’ll have to get used to feeling really close. This also can eat into your entertainment space. Hopefully your tiny house has an outside area to have people over, because otherwise the time for hosting dinner parties might be over.

Also, what do people who live in these tiny homes do for laundry, or mail? They’ll probably have to go a laundrymat and have a PO Box, which can get old pretty fast. People who are homebodies might really dislike a space that can feel cluttered and cramped the second an item isn’t put away, and then there’s the legal issues.


Many states actually have minimum home size requirements that tiny houses do not meet, and while there are ways to get around them, they can be a hassle. If none of this has deterred you however, you may just be ready to leave the ultra-material world behind and move into a cozy, clever, conservative tiny home of your very own!