Tips to Give a Great Housewarming Gift

Buying the perfect housewarming gift can be challenging; it’s hard to strike a balance between getting a useful gift that new homeowners will actually use and making it meaningful. However, this list makes it easy to find something for anyone moving into a new space. All the items on it solve that conundrum by walking the fine line between enjoyable and useful:

  • Create a unique (but simple!) piece of artwork. This short-term framed piece tells people that the new residents have big plans for their art collection… one day.
  • Give them a DIY tool kit. Even if they have tools already, the most frustrating part of moving is that you can never find anything. Having a screw driver or extension cord on hand will quickly have your friends singing your praises.
  • Personalize a cutting board for them. This is simple, decorative, and easy to order, and it’ll make them feel at home every time they look at it.
  • A fire extinguisher that isn’t an eyesore. Every kitchen needs one, but often people neglect to buy them right away because they’re just so industrial and ugly. Give a practical and yet classy gift to your friends (and hope they never have to use it!)
  • Build them a customizable basket. This requires a little thought, but it’s really a sweet gesture. Does their new place have a garden they’re excited about? Give them a plant and some tools. Do they love your grandmother’s banana bread recipe? Bake them a loaf and then frame the recipe for them to follow! The possibilities are endless!
  • Give them an ipod shower speaker. This one is just cool. Everyone needs this.
  • Finally, help them plant some roots at their new place. This tree-in-a-bag is not only a cute garden idea, but the symbolism is simple and sweet. Plus, every time they look at their new tree, they’ll think of you!