High End Upgrades for a Next Level Kitchen

For many of us, getting a new blender is a major kitchen upgrade. But for the super rich, upgrades to their kitchen and food prep areas include the kinds of things we can only dream of, appliances and features that previously were only found in high-end restaurants. However, CNN recently compiled a short list of trends popping up in these wealthy homes, and we are definitely filing them away to include in our dream house… once we win the lottery, of course.


Source: Miele USA

For instance, have you ever considered an oven that steams your food for you? For years, bakers have been cheating at this by placing a dish full of water in ovens on particularly fussy or delicate bakes, but now some appliance makers are building ovens with water lines built in! Not only useful for pastries, this type of oven would keep most anything you bake from drying out in the process, meaning that bake times on meats might just be a little more forgiving. Hurray!

Source: Bordini Arredamenti

If you love the look of modern kitchens, you’ll be happy to know that touch-to-open drawers are becoming much more popular! They streamline cabinetry while giving the whole space a high-tech feel… even though the system that makes them work isn’t all that fancy. Along this same line, people are hiding the entrances to their pantries behind these kinds of cabinet doors, making them feel part of the whole design of the kitchen. And people are customizing walk-in pantries with things like coffee bars and even second sinks!

Source: Sub Zero/Wolf

Finally, our favorite feature highlighted is refrigerated drawers. They look exactly like your other cabinetry, but they allow you more cold storage space, and the option to space it out throughout the kitchen. For instance, you can keep all your fresh veggies and fruits by the sink for easy rinsing! Or you can have a designated (and hidden!) beer fridge! Now that’s the dream.