These Contemporary Cottages Aren’t Just For Fairytale Creatures

Those of us who live in urban areas often wish we had a remote, relaxing place to which we could escape, somewhere where nature and modern comforts mean. Well, it turns out some people have acted on that wish, and built some of the most beautiful (and simple!) cottages in the world.

  1. Hyunam (A Black Cottage), South Korea – This gorgeously designed cottage as a contemplation room, where three of the walls are glass and look out on mountains and forest. The home flows naturally with the surrounding wilderness, a must for the designers and the owners.

  2. Forest Retreat, Czech Republic – For this remote modern cottage in the forests of Bohemia, the client requested a home with low environmental impact. Built partially onto a nearby boulder, this small retreat certainly fits the bill: it also used wood from a fallen tree as it’s base.

  3. Cottage, Connecticut – This cottage, which has a fantastic view of Long Island Sound, was recently remodeled to give it a contemporary edge. It’s surrounded by oak trees and used to be a guesthouse as part of a larger property.

  4. Brekkuskogur, Iceland – This cluster of cottages has some serious perks, like timber decks and an outdoor hot tub, and they were made to be lived in year round! The rugged view of the Southern Highlands is bound to be majestic no matter what time of year, but beware that intense Icelandic winter!

  5. Cliff House, Canada – This diminutive cottage comes with a huge plot of land – 455 acres in Nova Scotia, to be exact! It’s balanced half on, half off a cliff, giving it’s breathtaking view of the ocean new life as visitors feel like they’re drifting on the sea.