Why Your Home Needs a High-Efficiency Washing Machine

We all want to go green for the planet, but only if it’s worth our while. These days, so many energy-efficient products are pitched to us that we want to make sure that what we’re buying is built to last and really helps the environment. So is it really worth it to get an HE (High-Efficiency) Washer unit? How much does it really save you?

Source: GE Appliances

It turns out that these machines, which came on the market roughly 20 years ago, really do help their owners save money, about $210/year in electricity! This is good for the planet as well, because chances are that electricity isn’t 100% green-produced. The washers use less water, and squeeze clothes more than they spin them, which is a gentler and more efficient way of removing water from clothes. They also have bigger tubs, so you end up running fewer loads of laundry per week.

So how long does it take for these wonder machines to pay for themselves? They’re more expensive than your standard washer, roughly $200-$400 more for comparable models. Comparing energy savings and loan size, manufacturers say you should make your money back in about six years, which is good news because washers should last their owners about ten years total. Those last four years, owners are basically profiting from their larger purchase.

Source: YouTube

If you do get one of these washers, make sure you purchase HE detergent to get the most efficiency from your washer. It produces few suds and works optimally with the rinsing method of the dryer. Also keep in mind that you should also always run a full load, and use the cold water setting. And finally, check with your utility company – they may offer an environmental rebate to encourage you to go green and offset some of those initial costs!