How to Maximize the Space in a (Really) Tiny Home

Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean living small. When you’re home measures around the 200 square foot mark, it is all amount creatively maximizing every inch to live large. In a tiny home design is key, structure needs to equal function(s) and aesthetics as well.

For tiny home living, creativity is key. “If you don’t have a good design with a tiny home, it’s not going to be possible,” said Ryan Mitchell, who writes The Tiny Life and lives in a 150-square foot home. “They have to be well-designed and customized to the person living in them.”

Source: Good Housekeeping

How can you save space and live comfortably? It comes down to 1 thing: Storage.

Spaces need to be multipurpose. For example, in order to access your lofted room in a tiny house, you’d have to go up stairs. But what if those stairs weren’t just stairs? Annelise Hagedorn, co-founder of tiny home builder Brevard Tiny House, has built staircases that are more than meets the eye, like stairs where where each step pulls out as a drawer or disguise a hot water heater.

Source: Wind River Tiny Homes

Stairs aren’t the only secret space, underfloor storage is also very  common. “We’ve done underfloor storage for the entire living space,” said Hagedorn, whose company launched in 2014. Underfloor storage can be about a foot or deeper, the handles that open to the space can be covered with rugs or even furniture.

If you are consider living in a tiny home, creativity will become your best friend. From Murphy beds and tables to entire fold down porches, as long as you get creative and stick to what you need you’ll never run out of space.