House Hunting? Be Careful of These Mismatched Markets

House hunting is just like fruit, finding the right (ripe) house for you has a lot to do with the season. If you don’t want to buy fruits and veggies out of season, why buy a house out of season?

Spring is a pretty busy season for the housing market, but often times that business lends itself to a mismatched market. It’s houses, not summer squash, what could be so mismatched or out of season?  A mismatched market is where the type of available home inventory isn’t quite in line with the current home demand. Spring is a mismatched market because buyers aren’t finding what’s on their wish simply because it just isn’t for sale.

While this misalignment happens across the US, some local markets find them more impacted than others, and so do price points.

According to Felipe Chacon, a housing data analyst for Trulia, “It leaves Americans who are in the market for a home increasingly chasing too fewer options in lower price ranges and sellers of premium homes more likely to be left waiting longer for a buyer.”

Are you house hunting in a mismatched market? Take a look at the top 10 most mismatched markets this spring:
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Charlotte, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina
Fort Worth, Texas
Daytona Beach, Florida
Greenville, South Carolina
Grand Rapids, Michigan
San Antonio, Texas
Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida

If you find yourself house hunting in any of these spots, you’re in luck! Check out the top 10 most matched markets:
Bakersfield, California
Toledo, Ohio
Newark, New Jersey
Los Angeles
New Orleans
Camden, New Jersey
Little Rock, Arkansas
Syracuse, New York