Martha Stewart’s Suggestions To Make Your Home Feel Less Cluttered

Some of us really struggle with keeping things in their place and having neat, organized homes, even though we’ve grown out of that teenager-throw-everything-everywhere phase (okay, okay, maybe we’re trying to grow out of that phase still). However, even if you have a place for everything – and everything in it’s place – sometimes a home can still feel cluttered, even though it isn’t. Well, the indomitable Martha Stewart has 5 easy solutions to this problem, and used together, they will instantly make your home appear clean, styled, and organized.

Source: Pinterest
  1. Stop using so much open storage. Bookshelves, movie shelves, free-floating shelves… if they’re all lined up next to each other, what was supposed to be a functional accent starts to look like a lot of junk. Instead, put those items that don’t bring personality or style to your home in some cute woven baskets, which do!
  2. Put items you want out, like candles, magazines, or plants, in defined and deliberate places. Have a decorate bowl for your keys or a tray to hold the remotes and a cute succulent, anything that insinuates to the casual eye that this is exactly where you want these items.

    Source: Martha Stewart
  3. Open those windows up! When your home gets more natural light, it always appears bigger, and that can trick the eye into thinking it’s less cluttered. Swap those dark patterned curtains for some breezy white ones and the space will instantly feel more open and cleaner.
  4. Hide those wires and messy outlets! This one is a given, and there are so many products on the market now that camouflage or completely mask the mess of cords and wires that come with modern living. If you don’t feel like purchasing something so frivolous, however, no need – simply use some well-placed tape and hide the tangle behind furniture.

    Source: The Kitchn
  5. Finally – and you knew this was coming – get rid of some stuff. Doesn’t matter what, simply periodically donating anything you don’t use will make your house (and you, for that matter) feel lighter and more refreshed. Think of it as anti-retail therapy!