How To Keep The Flooring In Your Home Beautiful

Flooring is one of the most important elements of your home, and yet many people have no idea how to care for the various types of flooring in their houses. From the tools you use to how often you clean, each kind of flooring requires different methods of cleaning and care.

For example, wood floors are great if you want flooring built to last, but with their longevity can come all the little nicks and blemishes that time brings. However, you’re not stuck with the worn look if you don’t want to be! To get rid of blemishes, sand down the area with very very fine paper, and don’t go too deep, then clean the area with something that will dry quickly (or dry it yourself). Finally, apply the polyurethane finish to the sanded section with a dry brush until the patch matches the rest of the floor!

Next, let’s tackle carpet. If you’re used to having it in your house, you probably know that when you spill something on it, blot, don’t scrub. Suction up as much as possible without rubbing it into surrounding fibers. Dilute the spot with water or club soda, and blot again. Repeat as long as necessary, and when you’re not getting anything else up, use a mild solution of dishwashing soap and water to blot again (patience is key)! Also, pro tip: if you have a small burn on your carpet, cut out the blackened bit and super-glue on some spare carpet fibers! You’ll never see the difference!

Lastly, one of the most common flooring emergencies is a pet stain. They smell gross, they’re hard to get up, and they can damage both carpet AND hardwood if left to their own devices. Here, time is crucial. Get up as much of the mess as possible, as quickly as possible. With hardwood, if you wiped everything, you should be good to go. For carpet, blotting is still key, but you may have to move to the dishwashing solution immediately after, because urine stains especially quickly. If any icky smell persists, have a professional carpet cleaner come out for a look.