How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Smell is often one of our most overlooked senses; because we rely on our eyesight and sense of touch so much, scent can easily get brushed aside. However, different smells have the ability to transport us, to change how we feel about a space immediately, and to make us recall crystal-clear memories within seconds of inhaling. The power of scent is so strong that ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and the Romans used to use essential oils both for pleasure (like in baths and in their hair) and in spiritual rituals.

These days, we’re a lot more relaxed about our scent use, but some experts still believe that essential oils can do amazing things, like aid in the healing process or help muscle relaxation. Luckily, there have been a ton of cool technological innovations that allow essential oils to permeate the air in your home, so it always smells (and feels) relaxing! One fairly low-tech method is a reed diffuser, which uses these delicate sticks to help the oils evaporate. They also look really interesting and add a natural element to a bookcase or shelf.

Source: Young Living

If you’d like something less earthy looking, there are candles and heating diffusers, which both melt scented wax, releasing the scent into the air along with the smoke from the wick, for candles. One of the more fun innovations to pop up in recent years is the ultrasonic diffuser, which looks like a modern sculpture or vase and releases water vapor as well as delightful smells – bonus! And for an extra buck (or several), you can purchase a “smart” diffuser which can be controlled by an app in your phone, allowing you to turn it on right before you get home, so your house instantly smells like an oasis! Sign us up for that one!