Make Your Mornings Out of This World With this Galactic Bagel

Mornings are tough if you’re not… well, a morning person. Everyone has days where you sit down at the breakfast table, gaze unseeing into your soggy bowls of cheerios, and ponder the great meaninglessness of existential reality. Usually, a healthy dose of caffeine can snap you out of this, but for truly dark days when your morning joe can’t help you claw your way out of the feeling that the world is an empty and hollow place, you need GALAXY BAGELS!!!

That’s right, folks – it’s a bagel that looks (kind of) like a galaxy! The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn, which went viral last year for creating the Rainbow Bagel, is at it again with this colorful confection that uses a swirl black, blue, and purple dyed dough to create an otherworldly-looking bagel! We’re betting this is more of a sweet breakfast than bagels are usually; it’s topped with blue or pink sugar that really makes it seem too sparkly to eat!

If you do want to attempt these tempting treats, New York locals and visitors can stop by The Bagel Store at 754 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn, and if you can’t make it to the brick-and-mortar, all of their bagels are available online at If this beautiful creation isn’t enough (sugar) to get you up and moving in the morning, at least you’ll be staring down this representation of a black hole on your plate, instead of those sad cheerios. Hey, if the metaphor fits…