This Adorable Skunk Family Will Steal Your Heart

Skunks get a bad rap. Yes, they’re stinky, and yes, they creep around mostly at night. However, most people don’t even know what skunks look like up close (besides those unmistakable stripes) because they never got close enough to really check them out. We’re taught to steer way clear of them as kids, probably because our parents didn’t want to make us take tomato soup baths to get the stink out.

Well if you’re harboring some residual fear of skunks from your childhood, the perfect remedy is this video. A biker posted it in 2015, when he was riding through a wooded area and saw what is possibly the most adorable skunk family ever. Thankfully he wasn’t afraid, and froze in place to let the little critters investigate his bike at will, and when he posted it, hardened hearts everywhere melted to goo!

Who even knew skunks made those cute little noises? They combine the inquisitiveness of cats with the irresistible hoppyness of bunnies, plus a sort of wild charm that’s all their own! And the fact that they travel in a tight group just KILLS us.

Source: YouTube

It’s all well and good for skunks to be in the wilderness, but they also adapt really well to urban environments (to the discomfort of people, usually). If you see a cute skunk family like this one in your neighborhood though, don’t think everything is about to get a lot more stinky. Having skunks nearby can cut down on pests like insects and rodents, and generally skunks are very easy going when left alone. If you don’t freak out, they won’t, so adopt a live-and-let-live policy and enjoy these super cute grayscale critters!