Should You Ditch Your Job for Another?

Even thinking about changing jobs can be confusing, anxiety-inducing, and gut-wrenching, enough so to make us want to turn right around and watch Netflix all night rather than think about it. Unless you absolutely loathe your job, the idea of jumping ship at one company for another, even if it’s a better career prospect, can be daunting. Lucky for us, the good people at ADP have compiled a few facts from their research that might make it easier for you to decide if a new position is the right thing for you!


For example, job security is something that every employee worries about, and is a valid reason for wanting to leave your current position. If you don’t know how long you will have this job for, it’s smarter to find a new one before you lose it, right? Well, it depends on the kind of turnover your industry has, as well as the type of company you work for. Very large and very small companies have an average rate of job increase, but medium-sized companies of 50-499 employees have shown a high rate of growth that may increase your stability. And jobs in industries like education, finance, leisure and hospitality (in other words, people-centered jobs) have been on the rise, while manufacturing and goods-producing jobs are slumping. Therefore, if you’re in construction but have always dreamed about being a teacher, this might be a good time to go for it.

However, there are some benefits to staying at your current position. Women, for example, tend to see less of an increase in wages for new jobs (on top of the fact that they still make 28% less than men in comparable positions), and so do better at companies they already work for. And though there have been more high-paying jobs added to the economy recently, they aren’t available to everyone. People over 55 tend to not see dramatic increases in their wages, and people who do see the most growth are under 25 (because they’re just starting out). The bottom line is, there are a lot of factors that make jumping ship – or not – a good idea for you. Each company, industry, and employee is different, so take a lot of time to figure out what the smart option is!