Sonic Unveils Next-Level Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms and ground beef are a winning combination. From beef casseroles to mushrooms on burgers, there’s just something about the juicy, well-cooked beef and those tasty fungi that is magically delicious. Fast food chain Sonic agrees, because they’re about to start testing a new burger called the Sonic Slinger, which has mushrooms actually mixed in with the patty itself! The burger chain says that each Slinger is about 25-30% mushrooms, which sounds like a tasty mix to us!

However, Sonic didn’t just create this burger to add yet another delicious option to their menu. They actually did it as part of the Blended Burger Project, which began in 2015 as a way to bring awareness to the amount of carbon that beef creates, and which challenges chefs to create their own mushroom burgers of at least 25% mushrooms. Cows produce high levels of methane, which is a greenhouse gas that affects the atmosphere 23 times more than carbon dioxide. Beef is also not terribly healthy for people to consume because of the levels of saturated fats and it’s link to heart disease. Thus burgers with mushrooms in them, even if it’s only 30%, are healthier for you and for the environment!

Sonic is rolling out it’s new Slinger in a few test markets across the country starting in August, and we predict that if it is received well, more and more burger joints across the country will join in! They’re the first major chain to join the Blended Burger Project, but plenty of restaurants have attempted the challenge on their own, and the results look delicious to say the least! This year’s challenge is going on all summer, so check out their site to see if there’s one near you!