Secrets Of Fast Food Workers!


If you are not familiar with “fast food” then you probably live on another planet! This quick fix to the question, “What’s for dinner?” is hiding secrets that you could never imagine!


Hot fries? Just order them with no salt!

As soon as they come out of the grease, these golden goodies are tossed under a heat lamp, then salted, waiting for the next order. Even though there is a time limit, there is a chance your fries have been sitting for awhile. If you order with no salt, they have to make them fresh just for YOU!

The smell IS drawing you in….ON PURPOSE!

If you are hungry, passing by fast food restaurants can be pure torture! This is because smell is part of their marketing strategy! Most establishments make sure the smell of cooking reaches your nose through specially designed ventilation, or just by leaving the kitchen door open.

That cheap soda is really making you more hungry

In many restaurants, sodas are less expensive and, if you dine in, you can get free refills. Why? Because soda does not quench your thirst, so you simply drink more and more. The more you drink, the hungrier you get thanks to the carbon dioxide that stimulates your hunger, So they encourage you to drink up!


The “early bird” gets more than they bargained for!

Food workers stringently clean their equipment with aggressive chemicals before they open in the morning. These chemicals can get into your food, causing your food to be contaminated. Give them an hour or so before you order your morning fare.

Fast food is faster, but much more fattening, than it was 30 years ago.

Not only has our portion size gotten bigger, the calories in our food has soared as well. Cheeseburgers contain 75% more calories that in the 80’s, pizza has 70% more, and french fries now contain 2 times the calories… maybe that has something to do with them being more than just potatoes?

One milkshake contains up to 3 days worth of sugar!

Nothing like a milkshake with your burger and fries. But maybe you should share it with someone since a normal milkshake contains around 3 ounces of sugar- with one ounce being the daily norm for adults.

Soda dispensers rarely get cleaned

 Soda fountains are  hard to wash. Pieces have to be removed and soaked- but it is difficult to get every place where sugary soda splashes and spills. This environment is like an open invitation for bacteria to take residence.

We all indulge in fast food from time to time, just keep these items in mind to make your meal not only fast, but enjoyable as well.