Squishy Dogs Cheeks That We Can’t Resist


If you have had a “ruff” day, nothing can make you smile faster than an overload of doggie cuteness. We have found not only cute, but squishy doggie faces that people can’t seem to keep their hands off of!

If you simply can not resist grabbing chubby cheeks, then you are not alone! In fact, according to a 2014 study done by Psych students at Yale University, when humans see adorable dogs or babies, the intense feeling of joy we feel is counteracted by a rush of aggression that helps us process the overwhelming sensations. The aggression is what makes us want to squeeze cheeks and “eat toes”. That is how your body responds to the cuteness OVERLOAD.

The following squish-able faces are going to make you want squeal with joy!

Is it the tongue, or those wrinkles, or that- “momma I am so very tired,” look? We don’t know- but he sure is cute!

Another sleepy baby that NEEDS to be squished!

I Don’t know if he knows how cute he is all pressed against the bars or not, but I know I would unlock that cage in a second!

We didn’t get to see just how cute he was because his mom couldn’t resist the squish!


Are you at cuteness overload yet? Wanting to eat some toes or squeeze some cheeks? DO IT! You will feel tons better!

Hope we have made your day!