Photographer captures pics of sleeping WHAT

Do fish sleep? What about sharks? Dolphins must, they are mammals, right? But what about whales… we bet if you asked 100 people, 99 would have no clue.

Professional photographer Franco Banfi has given us the answer, as well as proof, that whales DO sleep. You don’t have to take our word for it because we have the pics right here!

Banfi was following a herd of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea near Dominica Island when they stopped moving. Suddenly, these gentle giants fell into a synchronized, vertical rest. Prior to 2008, this had never been witnessed by humans. A team of biologists from the UK and Japan documented the occurrence and further study states that this group nap time happens during 7 percent of a whale’s life on average. Normally these big guys only nap for 24 minutes or less, as low as only 6 minutes. Talk about a POWER nap!


Below you will see the image of this rarely witnessed event captured by Franco Banfi and his diving partner Sabrina Belloni.

Do you think they are dreaming?

What magnificent creatures!

Diver Sabrina Belloni swimming close during this unusual and beautiful site.

She swims with them, even awake, seemingly having no fear.