Chiropractor Has Life Hack For Parents

New parents are all about simplifying their lives, and with good reason. They now have a whole other life depending on them for every single thing, and that means they don’t have a lot of time (or spare energy) for anything else. Well, a chiropractor (and new mom herself!) from Texas is looking out for new parents everywhere with this new life hack she just shared on youtube!

Dr. Emily Puente specializes in a type of chiropractic specialized for pregnant women called Webster’s Technique, which helps position the woman’s pelvis for optimal comfort while she’s carrying. That, coupled with the fact that Emily has a young family herself, means that she’s been thinking about the needs of pregnant women and young mothers, and the physical challenges they face every day.

And every new parent knows the terrible back pain brought from lugging a car seat from location to location because the baby has fallen asleep in it. They’re awkward, they’re heavy, they have an inconveniently placed handle. Basically they’re the bane of parents everywhere, but Dr. Puente has the ideal solution to carrying the seat in a way that won’t kill your body and allows you to cart other things around as well. It may look a little awkward at first, but the good doctor swears by the method, and you can actually see how much straighter she’s able to stand up in the video. If you have a car seat-bound baby (or one on the way!) check it out! It could be the difference between a happy mamma and one with killer back pain!