Design Tips From Retro Kitchens

Let’s face it: with all the hubbub about vintage and kitschy details in homes, sometimes they can be downright tacky. We’re not about to argue that everything was better way back in the day, but they did have some pretty fun ideas, design-wise. (Whole kitchens in “avocado”? Maybe not.) While the whole picture might be too much, checking out vintage ads for inspiration might just give your kitchen remodel that je ne sais quoi it needs to put it over the edge!


For instance, this all-blue kitchen is a little absurd (and we’re pretty sure that’s carpet, which is a terrible idea unless your kitchen is just for show), but that lazy Susan countertop is an excellent addition to a quirky kitchen with some extra space! Imagine being able to slide out a breakfast table, eat, and tuck it away again! It’s cute and cosy and super versatile.


Or what about a two story window/garden planter area for your kitchen? Sure it requires some real estate, but we imagine the second story outlook can be used to brighten up a loft or dark hallway. Plus, if you have the gift of the green thumb, you might be able to get vines to grow from one story to another and really bring a verdant, lively feel to both spaces!

We know, we know, this whole image looks really outdated, but what’s really giving you that impression is the wood panelling and the striped curtains. Take those out and maybe add a white marble countertop, and those retro blue appliances suddenly seem fresh and fun! Tip: if you’re going to go for the two-toned look, make sure the lighter one is on top; it’ll make the room feel higher and more open.

Alright, this one might seem like a bit of a pipe dream, but wouldn’t it be fun if you could customize your refrigerators like this? You could be chopping away, and then could reach right up to grab the next ingredient or put one away! Gone would be the days of lugging every ingredient out and then putting them all away again! The convenience is almost mind boggling! We don’t think you could get this for anything less than many pretty pennies, but it’s still nice to look at and wonder, right?