Man Feeds A Fox Everyday


On the peak, which is on the mountain Shara, there lives a man by the name of Mr. Vase. One evening, a wild fox appeared at the door of his mountain hut.

She had obviously come looking for food, but was not aggressive. Mr. Vase began feeding the fox, who he lovingly calls Lisa.

For the last year, Lisa comes to the homestead around 6 in the evening, after the sheepdogs have been put to bed. Mr. Vase feeds her every night, and he has done so for a year. Curiously, she does not seem to fear people and will eat from the families’ hands.

After eating her fill, Lisa retreats into the woods, not to be seen again until the following evening. 


There has been speculation as to why she has no fear of humans, and why she also acts like more of a dog than a wild fox. Could she have been a pet that was released into the wild?

Critics have also had some negative things to say as feeding a wild animal can encourage that animal to become reliant on humans and lose their ability to hunt as a result. They also state that these animals losing their fear of humans can be detrimental because if they approach a human that doesn’t know them, they may see them as a threat and harm or kill the animal because of its lack of fear. Many times when animals are sick with diseases such as rabies, they will approach humans without fear. Of course, when Lisa appeared, she was already showing this trusting nature. So, she is lucky that she found the Vase family and not someone who would have seen her appearance as a threat.