Pick Up A Picture of Water!

How many times a week do you hear it? YOU NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER!!! Some people, however, find drinking water is a chore. So, how do you make that plain water more palatable so that you are able to get all 8 glasses in each day? We give it FLAVOR!

Ok- we do not mean adding packages of flavored drink mix. Regardless of what the packaging says, adding artificial color and flavoring is detracting from the healthy water that your body needs. So- what now? How do we make that glass of water tasty without adding things that our bodies do not need? We infuse it!

Infusing water with the essence of fruits, herbs, spices, or veggies will help you to meet your hydration goals without the addition of additives that your body does not need. Using the proper ingredients can create a refreshing drink that you will be craving after your workout!

Use what you have! You don’t always have to run out to the produce market and pick up tons of fresh ingredients to add to your water. Recycle! When you are preparing your meals throughout the day, before you toss anything into the compost heap, think about adding it to your water. Do your research, find recipes that let you mix flavorful ingredients to create a healthy drink.


No recipes or step by steps to follow. Just fill a pitcher or large jar (glass is preferable) with water. Add your herbs, fruit, veggies… Now let it sit out for a few hours while the infusion takes place. If you would rather have your water cold, just put it in the fridge for a few hours. Infused water lasts 2-3 days depending on the ingredients. You can keep adding ingredients through that time, and when you are ready- wash out your container and start again. Simplicity!