Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebs!

Babies can come out looking a little surprising to their parents. Sure, they’re adorable and we love them, but we don’t know exactly who’s nose they’ll get, or if they’ll inherit your great uncle’s super bushy eyebrows. Sometimes parents have the shocking realization that while neither of them look particularly like someone famous, their genes combined have made an adorable offspring… who looks exactly like Gandalf!

Or what about Mrs. Doubtfire? We can’t imagine what provoked this little girl’s parents to get her those glasses, but the internet is forever grateful that they did!

I don’t know if I ever considered the fact that Danny DeVito was a baby at one point until I saw this photo. I don’t know anyone who would describe him today as a “Happy Little Camper,” but this makes me think that maybe he once was?

This baby who looks exactly like Gordon Ramsey is giving us serious anxiety. He looks like he’s judging his pureed carrots way harshly, and who knows what outlandish insult will come out of that adorable little puckered mouth!