Budweiser America Bottles

Beer company Budweiser has decided to bring back their “America” beer bottles and cans for Memorial day this year, and will donate up to $1 million of profit from the military-inspired designs to Folds of Honor. The non-profit helps members of disabled or fallen veterans of the Armed Forces pay for schooling through scholarships. The design, which Budweiser used as part of a campaign last fall, replaces the word “Budweiser” with “America” and features red/white/blue designs or camouflage print.

The classic brewing company faced controversy last year after unveiling the design, because while Budweiser is brewed in America, parent brewery company AB InBev is based out of Belgium. Microbrewer Will McCameron, who co-owns Brewery 85 in South Carolina, called the company hypocritical for trying to brand itself as all-American when it’s owned by a company in Europe. “Frankly, Budweiser calling itself ‘America’ is the most un-American thing I’ve observed in quite a while,” he wrote in a blog post last year.
That being said, Folds of Honor is that Budweiser is continuing to sponsor their scholarships. Major Dan Rooney, founder of the non-profit, says, “Budweiser continues to be an amazing partner and member of the Folds of Honor family. Their unwavering commitment to service men and women along with veterans is truly commendable.” Budweiser VP Ricardo Marquez says that’s what it’s all about. “Our goal is to remind Budweiser drinkers of the courage and sacrifice made by all American service men and women who protect our nation and our freedoms.” This Memorial Day, that’s something we can all get behind!