Cat Steals Food!

Meatball is a fat cat who likes to eat more than his share. When he became a dad, no one told him the kids come first. So, when his kittens started getting solid food, the fat dad began eating their share as well as his own! Meatball, his mate Mochi and their offspring Nugget and Pepper live in Hong Kong with their humans, Daphnie and Koon Wah.

When Meatball started gaining weight, the couple realized what was really going on and decided they had to stop the food thief from stealing from the mouths of babes, namely his own.

Little Pepper had followed in her Dad’s footsteps, and that was the last straw. Koon Wah built partitions to separate the cats during their meals and Daphnie used fabric from some sake they had bought in Japan and sewed them in front of each cat’s area.


The couple says that dad and daughter are still overweight, but the new rules during meal times have helped move things in the right direction.

Meatball may be a thief but he sure is CUTE!