Tension Rod Hacks For Your Home

Tension rods are the unsung heroes of the home. They come in all sizes, colors, and materials, they are completely removable and won’t damage your walls, and their uses are downright bountiful! That’s right, they’re not just for curtains; tension rods can be used in every room of the house and for everything from decoration to organization! The following list is just a jumping off point for all the things you can do with this wondrous invention!

Sure, you can hang curtains on tension rods, but you should consider all the other things you can hang as well! These crafty homemakers used rods to hang plants in their windows (out of reach of nosy pets), shoes to create enough storage space for all your heels, and even cleaning products under the sink! You can even buy ultra small rods and create a closet in any tight space, like with these adorable baby clothes! Or, if you’re a DIYer, check out how one or your peers revamped their craft room by hanging all their ribbon on a rod above the craft desk! Simply pull the ribbon and cut, no more jostling with all the rolls!

Also, there’s nothing wrong with using the rods to hang curtains, but curtains don’t have to hang in windows! Hanging a small curtain under a sink without a door is a cute way to hide anything and everything (think cleaning supplies, kitty litter, random storage). Match the pattern to the rest of the room and it looks totally intentional! In the bedroom, you can easily create a canopy bed feel buy hanging gauzy curtains around your bed in sweeping romantic waves! You can do the same outside by framing in your patio with bunting or outside curtains – they create shade and make the whole area look put together and well-designed. Any which way you use them, tension rods are able to transform a room in seconds! Let us know your favorite use!