This Doggie Hug Will Make Your Day

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? But dogs have dog best friends, too! Messy, a yellow Lab, knows the true definition of friendship. Not only is he a good friend to his Thai owner Oranit Kittragul, but he spreads the love to his neighbor, too.

Audi, a beautiful Siberian Husky, lives across the street from Messy. Audi’s owner is gone to work for long hours every day. Audi gets lonely and anxious, crying during the day.  That’s when Messy extends the paw of friendship.

When Audi begins to cry, Messy’s owner tells him to talk to his friend. He will then bark to Audi several times, which calms the Husky and he stops crying. No one knows what comforting words are spoken between the pair, but it obviously works.

One day recently, Audi was able to say Thank You to Messy for being such a great friend. When his owner forgot to latch the gate, Audi ran out of the yard and straight to Messy. The two dogs hugged, showing each other just how much they mean to one another. Messy’s owner took a picture to remember the moment of friendship.

The picture has taken the internet by storm, reminding us all that the universe is full of love. Human love, doggie love… Love is everywhere!