9 Skills You Should Learn For the Sake of Your Resume

We all know we should have an up-to-date resume ready on our computers at all times. You never know when you’ll need it, and it’s a reassuring thought if you’re nervous about your job to know it’s ready to be sent out. But even if it’s updated, how competitive IS your resume? A lot may have changed in the job market since you were last looking, and it might pay to look into learning some of these nine skills, which are general enough to be applicable across industries, but highly useful on a resume:.

WordPress – This platform helps you create your own website with minimal input from other people. You choose a look from their site and plug in all your information, but it does take a little finesse. 

Become an accomplished public speaker – This one is on you, but employers will be able to tell very quickly whether you actually know how to do it well. However, practice makes perfect, and learning how to speak well to groups of people will also help you nail interviews!

Google Analytics – this program helps track web traffic and gives real feedback about what attracts people’s attention and how to keep it. Knowing how to successfully read Google Analytics can really boost your appeal as an employee.

SEO – On that vein, if you learn what Google’s algorithm is looking for, you’ll be the king of the web at your company. Take a course on how to get your site ranked higher on Google.

Microsoft Excel – We all know a little bit about this data management program, but if you brush up on your skills and learn how to do really cool things, you’ll impress the bosses big time.

Learn a Foreign Language – Okay, so this one is going to take some time, and at least a recreational interest on your end, but if you like languages, go for it! Spanish is probably most useful, but we’re guessing French or Mandarin are good options too.

Project Management – This is one where a certificate is most definitely required. You might think that you know how to handle a project from end to end, but employers aren’t going to believe you without that magic piece of paper. 

Learn Adobe Creative Cloud – You don’t need to be in a creative field to find uses for this suite of video and photo editing programs. You’ll be able to design posters or edit photos, useful in almost any field.

Coding – Not for the faint of heart, coding is notoriously labor intensive and every single mistake shows… which just makes it more impressive when you master it!