A Pinterest Plug-in That Changes Everything

West Elm, that slightly expensive but super classy furniture and decor company, has a new feature on their website, and it’s a game changer. It’s called the Pinterest Style Finder, and it uses your Pinterest boards to find you West Elm items that it thinks you’ll enjoy! Most people can’t walk into a store and tell the clerk that they like “midcentury design with modern metallic elements,” but they can recognize what they like when they see it. This is why Pinterest is such a great site: users can curate their style based on things they like online, adding photos and items and articles to certain “boards” that have themes like Home Decor or Winter Clothes.

So how does the West Elm Style Finder work? Go to their Pinterest Style Finder site here


and paste the URL of your favorite Home Decor Pinterest board into the search field. The West Elm algorithm looks at all the items and photos you’ve pinned and generates a list of WE products that it thinks matches your particular style, things like rugs and furniture and mirrors and pillows! Couldn’t be simpler, right?

Of course, there are some pitfalls whenever you ask an algorithm to return results based on human data (just like how Google Translate isn’t always spot-on). For example, maybe you have a bunch of photos of red couches on your board, but the links to those couches don’t ever say anything about the color red, they just mention the general shape or style of the couch. The algorithm most likely won’t be able to pick up on the fact that you want a red couch based on the pictures, they’ll use the data that the sites return to them to suggest couches in similar styles but not necessarily colors. Still, it’s a fun application to use when you’re looking to buy at West Elm, and it may suggest things you wouldn’t necessarily pick out for yourself, but which you end up loving! And at this point, the technology can only get smarter!