Elsa’s Frozen Margarita

It’s officially summertime, people, and that thermometer is creeping up higher each day. If you get uncomfortable in the heat (and let’s face it: everyone has their limit) you’ll do anything to cool down. When all else fails, sometimes watching a movie about a winter wonderland while sipping a cold drink can make all the difference, and we have just the thing.

Presenting: Elsa’s Frozen Margarita! Get it? Frozen like the movie and frozen like… well, margaritas? … maybe the heat is getting to our heads already. Anyways, if you’re faced with a super hot day and no way to combat it, pop in the bluray, whip up one of these, and just LET IT GO!

The recipe is pretty straightforward, with some small Frozen twists that make it the perfect summer drink. Start with grand marnier and simple syrup (which is just sugar melted in hot water, with a 2:1 ratio in favor of the sugar), then add your tequila. Elsa looks like she has a heavy pour on this one (maybe being queen is harder than it looks), but you can add whatever you’re comfortable with. Then it’s just a ton of lime juice, stir, and use your magic to turn it blue! What, you can’t do that? Well, in that case, some blue food coloring will work just as well.


Then just coat the rim in blue salt – or sugar, depending on your level of sweet tooth! The finishing touch is adding dry ice to the pitcher to give your cocktails that magical smoky look! After that, the only thing left to do is pour yourself a big margarita and watch Elsa and Anna rediscover the magic of sisterhood! Cheers to that!