How to Achieve Your Goals, Every Time


Everyone knows that one person who keeps expecting their life to change without actually working towards that goal. In fact, it could be argued that a lot of us accept things that we’d like to change as set-in-stone when they might not be. The key to being successful is knowing how to change things to recreate the world you want, which sounds difficult, but can be achieved in a few steps (and a lot of belief in yourself).

First, know exactly what end you want. What’s the best case scenario for next year? What exactly do you want in the next week? Let’s say your goal is to become a manager at your job and get paid more. It’s simple, but direct. Identify the skills you’ll need to accomplish those goals. So, maybe all managers need to take certain courses at your work. In that case, your road is laid out for you clearly. But even if there aren’t clear requirements, you can still identify milestones you need to clear, like improving your excel skills or improving your relationships with your coworkers. Look up the best way to do that. For instance, find a class on excel!

Next, you prioritize which skills are the most important, so they build on each other. Building your relationship with coworkers might take time, so perhaps you should start on that, and develop the program skills as you go. Finally, now that you have a plan, execute it! Onward! We also have to add that at some point, you’re going to encounter some problems. It’s inevitable, so prepare for them. Learn what you do when you fail or hit a snag, your “limiting beliefs.” Maybe its “I don’t have the money,” or “I’m not good with people.” Realize that these aren’t productive thoughts and they’ll just keep you from your goals, so when you find yourself repeating them you recognize what’s happening and move on. Once you realize how you hold yourself back, no one or no thing can ever do the same!