De-Clutter Your Pantry Today!

Experimenting in your kitchen can be super fun, even if the end result is something not quite as delicious as you thought it would be. However, trying new recipes and methods often means that you have to buy a lot of extra products, which can be hard on your pantry organization. You were so sure you needed specialty oil for a specific recipe, and suddenly you not only have extra virgin olive oil, but also grape seed, peanut, sesame, and walnut. And that’s not even the worst offender – what about all the fancy types of flour/grains/rices?

If you’re looking to cut back on the clutter but really hate throwing perfectly good food away – which is exactly how we feel – there’s hope! There are a few things you can do that can drastically cut down your volume of foods (and fill your belly at the same time)! For instance, make your own granola! Throw in anything that’s good roasted and crunchy, like leftover oats and quinoa, honeys and agave, nuts, dried fruit, or coconut. It’ll be totally delicious and unique, and it’ll make your whole house smell amazing. Or, if you have a ton of spices with just a little left in the bottle, combine them to make spice mixes! Curry, za’atar, and mexican spice blends are just a few options, but go hog wild and experiment until you find something you like!

In the same vein, consider mixing and combining all those fancy flours you bought with different recipes. Try buckwheat crepes or almond flour cookies, potato flour banana bread or whole grain waffles! You just might land on something scrumptious, and we promise it’ll be a lot of fun! Finally, find a way to organize your pantry in a way that makes sense to you. If that means dropping staples in well-labeled mason jars and setting them on the counter as handy kitchen decoration, then so be it! The key is for the organization to make sense to you, while cutting back on all that pesky clutter. Good luck, you got this!