Let’s All Give More Compliments!

Compliments can really turn our whole day around. We’ve all experienced those horrible days where nothing seems to be going right, and then suddenly someone says a kind word to you and the world seems like a brighter place. Giving out compliments isn’t something that most of us do consciously, but it should be. Words have such a powerful effect that we should use them for good more often. And it doesn’t have to be insincere; we bet that if you see someone having a rough day, you can think of at least one good thing to say to them!

The easiest way to compliment someone (especially when you don’t know them personally) is to mention that you like something about their physical presence. Do they smell particularly good? Are they wearing an interesting shade of lipstick? Do they have a beautiful smile? All these are things you can compliment people on in passing, and the best part is that if you noticed it, the person you’re complimenting might be self-conscious about it. Doesn’t it just make your day when you’re wearing a new shade of lipstick and a stranger just absolutely gushes over it?

Complimenting people you know and work with on a daily basis is a little more tricky, because you want to make what you say more personal. Generally a good place to start is with something like, “You help me so much when you ____”. We love feeling needed, and this is a great way to express that. Or how about a taste or talent option, like “You have such great taste in _____” or “This is delicious! Can I get the recipe?” Reminder, though: don’t ever say anything you don’t mean, because we can all tell the minute a compliment is phony. And if you’re completely, absolutely, unmovably stuck, you can always simply say “thank you” to someone. It’s a compliment in it’s barest form, because it tells someone that they are valued, and almost always earns you a smile back! Now quickly, go try it out!