Sloth Says Sup


For most of us, selfie sticks in everyday life are a thing of the past. It’s simply impossible to look suave taking a photo while simultaneously holding out your phone on a giant extendable arm. Now, that being said, we the internet have found some cool uses for them in extreme circumstances – for example, huge group photos. But never, ever, in our wildest dreams did we imagine something like this photo that adventure tour guide Marcelo Sueth captured near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

This has to be the chillest wild animal on the entire planet! Not that sloths are known for being particularly rambunctious, but this particular one is definitely on the level. An experienced nature explorer, Sueth knew to make sure the sloth wasn’t threatened by him before he approached. Though the sloth couldn’t really harm him, he may have caused it undue stress by getting too close.

However, one look at this little guy and we know he didn’t feel threatened at all! Sueth stuck the selfie stick out and the sloth literally posed for the pic! He even smiled! Sueth says, “It was an amazing moment of interaction and exchange of good energy!” He decided to share the photo online to promote a general love of nature, and the response has been overwhelming. This photo of the most photogenic sloth ever already has 2 million views!