This Museum Really Texts You Back!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art can only show so many of its 34,000 pieces at one time. So, they have come up with a fantastic way for people to see a wide variety of their remaining creations just by sending a text. The tool is an SMS service called, “Send Me SFMOMA.” It is extremely simple to use. Here is what you do:

Text 572-51 with the words “send me”, followed by a   simple keyword, color, or even an emoji. The system texts you back a related item and caption right to your phone!

Not everything you send will get results. For example:

Lucky for him the service is monitored by a very nice person… or, more likely, an unmanned system.

If you want to seriously try it out and see what beauty pops into your phone, it is easy to do, and results in you seeing some nice artwork without actually visiting the museum.

Send an Emoji:

Send the name of an artist:

Or a “Wildcard phrase” just to see what they come up with!

Whatever they send, you know it will be a fantastic representation of the artwork that they house in the museum. If you live close or travel to San Francisco, make sure you stop by to take in the art firsthand. But, if a trip is not in your future, know that you can experience it picture by picture through texts! Enjoy!