Why Aren’t You Losing Weight?!

Many people struggle with weight loss, and bounce back and forth from one fad diet to another. Then they’ll get conflicting advice, like “none of that high fat/low carb or low fat/high fiber stuff works! It’s all about calories in < calories out!” Or they’ll have some people swear by exercise alone, saying things like, “I work out four hours a day and I can eat whatever I want!” With all the different methods of weight loss out there, how does someone pick the right method?

The first thing you should know is that not all people are made the same, and different bodies have different needs. Duh. It’s common sense, but it doesn’t really help. The next thing to do is get advice from a doctor. While they might not be able to tell you on a molecular level what your body needs, they can certainly give you sound general advice and rule out anything that seems ridiculous. For instance, Dr. Frank Lipman of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC says that people who rely only on eating less or on exercising more aren’t doing their bodies any favors. Sure they may lose a few pounds here and there, but the body needs both changes (diet and exercise) to maintain a stable lower weight.

This is because not all calories are created equal. Sure, you could have a 200 calorie cookie instead of a (huge) side of broccoli and they would amount to the same calories, but the cookie is mostly a nutritional wasteland, whereas broccoli can provide your body with many extra benefits. Fiber, vitamins, a steady release of energy rather than a sugar high/crash – the list goes on. Dr. Lipman also contends that gut inflammation can stall weight loss. It could be related to a mild allergy to dairy, gluten, sugar, etc… but in addition to gas and bloating, it can also make it very hard to lose weight around the middle. Contact your personal doctor if you think you may be experiencing bloating that might be related to a food source.

Finally, stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain and one of the greatest inhibitors to it’s loss. Stress can cause people to be less active, to eat more, and to have more inflammation in the gut. Remember while you’re dieting to make time for yourself to relax every day in a way that doesn’t involve food – it will make you happier and stronger on the path to weight loss!