5 Tips For LinkedIn Dominance

While LinkedIn may be the most popular marketing tool of the 21st century, many users aren’t sure how to fully utilize all the many features it has to offer. Compared to Facebook’s in depth help section, LinkedIn is a little lacking in terms of documentation. Here are five tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has premium memberships available which boast features such as InMail, a messaging feature that allows you to send messages to other LinkedIn users you aren’t connected with. Premium memberships also include curated job insights as well as the ability to see who’s viewed your profile, all at a price of $50/month.

LinkedIn has a limit on how many invitations you can send. The last known limit was 3,000 which means you should send each request with purpose. Make sure your only requesting potential or former business associates for the best results.

If you have made plenty of new connections, you’ll begin to notice you’ll get notifications for everything, even on connection’s birthdays. In order to save your sanity and your data usage, go to the notifications page, find the type of notification you’d like to turn off, then click the three dots on the top, right corner, and click “Turn Off Notifications of This Type”.

Occasionally one of you new connections may be troublesome or annoying. There are a few options in this situation. If you’d like to hide only a certain post that’s gotten out of hand, again, you can click the three dots on the top, right corner of the post you’d like to hid, and select “Hide This Post”. If you want to un-follow all their status updates, click the same three dots in the top, right, then select “Unfollow XXX”. If you’d rather remove them as a connection entirely, start at their profile, then click the three dots to the right of their picture, then click “Remove XXX”. They will instantly be removed as a connection, which also removes any endorsements or recommendations. You can also block a member by following the same instructions and clicking Block Their Name, then following through with the next menu asking you to confirm.

One of the more obnoxious things that comes with networking is being added to a group message that clutters your inbox! In order to mute a noisy group message, open the offending message, then click the three dots on top right corner, then you can click Mute Conversation. In order to leave a group chat, you’ll do the same, open the message, find the three dots, and then click Leave Conversation. Once you’ve left, you can clean your inbox, by opening it one last time, clicking the three dots again, and then hitting Leave Conversation.

With these simple tips, it won’t be long before you’re using LinkedIn like a pro.