Best Short Ribs EVER

Short ribs can be one of the most impressive dishes you can pull off when hosting a dinner party. Your guests can tell the moment you walk through the door what you’re serving, and if you’ve cooked them right, the smell of the short ribs alone should seem partially filling. But if your friends are like ours, they guard their short rib recipes more closely than that briefcase in Pulp Fiction, so if you don’t have a “secret family recipe,” you’re pretty much left out in the cold.

That’s where epicurious comes in! They have a killer and yet super easy short rib recipe that will keep your friends guessing, when the secret you’ll never tell them is there’s only three ingredients! They’re short ribs (of course), teriyaki sauce, and – wait for it – prune juice. We know it sounds crazy, but trust the cooks at epicurious, they totally know what they’re doing. The prune juice adds a complexity to the flavor that no one will be able to figure out.

Of course, perfection takes time, so this isn’t a “whip it up in 30 minutes” kinda deal. The recipe calls for you to brown the ribs in a pan (so they get a nice crust and smokiness to the flavor), and then to slow cook them in a crock pot… for at least two hours (and we recommend three). Hey, at least you don’t have to do anything to them while they’re in there, which gives you plenty of time to make side dishes (or sample some cocktails)! All this extra time is going to get you that great falling-off-the-bone texture that makes people go wild, so the longer you leave them in, the better. Pull the ribs out, boil the rest of the sauce down until it thickens, and pour it over the meat for the most impressive dinner party you’ve hosted!

For the full recipe, visit the recipe HERE.