Huck the Roof Pup

Strangers often knock on the front door of Allie and Justin Lindenmuth’s home in Austin, Texas, but they aren’t usually there to say a neighborly hello. Most of the time they’re expressing concern for the couple’s golden retriever, Huckleberry, whose regular hang out place happens to be on the front roof of the house!

When the Lindenmuth’s moved into their home five years ago, they noticed that due to the slope of the landscaping, there was only a 3ft height difference between the roof and the backyard. Huck, as they call their clever golden, quickly figured out that he could clear the space as well, and once he was on the roof in the back, it was natural for him to find his way to the front to check out the neighborhood.

That’s when the knocks on the door started happening. Strangers concerned for Huck’s safety came by so frequently that Allie and Justin had to put up a sign in their front yard, telling people that they knew Huck was up there, and that he was safe and happy. One look at his big goofy golden smile tells the same story. Left to his own devices, Huck guards the family home from the roof and most days just watches the neighborhood go by, content with his excellent vantage point.

He’s become something of a celebrity as well; he even has his own Instagram at HuckTheRoofDog! There’s plenty of adorable photos of the glossy pup perched like a statue on the roof, looking pleased as punch. The Lindenmuth’s assure Huck’s adoring public that they do everything they can to keep him safe; Huck isn’t allowed out when nobody’s home, or when the weather is bad. They love him “like one of our children.” Dawwwww!