Peruvian Sleeper Train

Peru has some of the most breathtaking sights of the natural world, but accessing them often requires struggling through the countryside with backpacks or taking a bumpy bus up the Andes. Until now, that is. The Belmond train company unveiled their new Andean Explorer, a luxury sleeper train that makes a one – or two – night journey up the mountains and takes in a number of stunning wonders while providing first class creature comforts!

Guests on the Andean Explorer can expect snow capped mountains and unbridled wildlife – including the potential to see a Andean condor. They’ll make stops at incredible locations like Lake Titicaca, where they can take a private tour by boat of the famous floating islands and have lunch on a private beach! They’ll also see Unesco World Heritage Site Arequipa, which is called the White City for it’s solid white stone buildings. They’ll also get to see Colca Canyon, which is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and plenty of archaeological sites uncovering artifacts from the Inca culture.

The stops of the train are wonderful, but the train itself is no tin can. It boasts a library, a restaurant, a piano bar, and an outdoor terrace, where guests often gather in the evenings to enjoy a cocktail and dance to live Latin music. It truly does sound like paradise, but don’t start packing your bags yet. With only 24 sleeper cars, the Andean Explorer is crazy exclusive, and you know what that means: expensive. So expensive, in fact, that we don’t even know what it costs. Potential guests have to call in to receive pricing! Yikes! Still though, it’s nice to dream.