Volvo Goes 100% Alternative by 2019

Recently, Volvo group announced they intend to only offer hybrid or fully electric engines on all new Volvo models by 2019. This announcement makes Volvo the first automaker to commit to do away with traditional gas powered vehicles entirely in favor of alternative drive trains.

Volvo’s commitment to switch to an entirely electric and hybrid fleet in just two years is a strong sign that the eventual end of the solely combustion engine car is coming sooner rather than later. The overwhelming advantages of hybrid and electric vehicles from both performance and manufacturing standpoints, as well as lofty investments in autonomous vehicle technology, support this landmark move.

With ever stronger emissions requirements on vehicles set to tighten in key international markets the cost benefit of making electric cars is clear, especially in China, where Volvo’s owner Geely is based. As capacity and manufacturing processes improve, production costs on electric vehicles are also getting smaller.

Volvo had previously set a target sales figure for electric and hybrid cars at 1 million by 2025, however with this announcement that those will be the only drive trains Volvo will be offering that number should be well within reach. Between 2019 and 2012 Volvo plans to launch five new electric and hybrid cars, two of which will be made by Polestar. Polestar announced recently it would become its own subsidiary, selling performance electric vehicles to complete with the likes of high end Tesla models.

With hybrids bridging the gap Volvo is getting a competitive jump on the move to electric vehicles. Volvo has claimed a leadership position in the future of the market in a smart and aggressive way. Although many companies boast about their commitment to alternative drivetrains Volvo is matching their words with action.