Extreme Latte Art

Most of us know about latte art, that incredible skill where a barista creates a picture in the foam of your favorite milky hot beverage. However, one South Korea coffee shop owner has taken the art form to an all-new, seemingly impossible level.

Kangbin Lee owns C Through Cafe in Seoul and hand paints incredible images onto the foam of his coffees, using a technique he invented called Cremart. Though Lee won’t tell anyone how he makes the paints, he did have to post a video to Instagram of him actually creating the art because haters on the internet accused him of photoshopping the images.

And they really are incredible. From Disney characters to famous paintings to unique works of art, each cup of joe that Lee hand crafts looks almost too good to drink. Patrons have to decide whether to consume their one-of-a-kind beverages while hot or preserve them until the foam dies down, and each option is beautiful and sad at the same time! You can be sure that almost all of his customers Instagram their treats, however, and you can browse those who have tagged him at Lee’s Instagram, leekangbin91. Check it out!