These Daddy – Daughter Photos Take 1st Place

There may be nothing cuter than an adorable Daddy – Daughter duo! But this dad is taking things to a whole new level! Parents always want to chronicle their children’s lives and capture the cutest and most significant moments. Now, they have a new role model to pull inspiration from.

Sholom Ber Solomon and his nine month old daughter Zoe pose in elaborate make believe scenes. Sholom himself creates the magic with props, full sets, and costumes. The result is truly priceless.

The themes have a wide range, from Kentucky Fried Chicken, to Hawaiian dancer, gnomes, and  safari explorers this duo has already experienced a lot together in Zoe’s short nine months.

Originally from Hackney, north London, the first time father now lives in California with his wife, Carli. Sholom says he will continue to do the creative photography with Zoe as she grows up. Sholom says, ‘I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me’ and hopes to embarrass her well into her teenage years.

Sholom was amusing friends and family with his imaginative photos long before Zoe was born, complete with full costumes for staged photos. But after her arrival she soon became featured and made everything cuter! Sholom says, ‘She definitely makes all the pictures a lot cuter as without her I’m just a fat chubby guy who likes to take silly pictures. The ideas for what me and Zoe will do next is endless.’  Hopefully thats true and this adorable duo will continue to share their adventures with the world.