A True Story of Patriotism

Edgar Roberts, a 96 year old Veteran, has a lot to teach Americans about Patriotism. As he reflects on his military time, he shares his good fortune to be in a country that provided him with hope, opportunity and love.

Roberts was not born in the United States. When he was only 3, his family came to the US from Wales.

After high school, men were going off to war, so he wanted to serve his country, too.When he arrived at the draft board, Roberts was told he couldn’t join because he was still a British subject.With a dogged determination, he returned every day, forcing the recruiters to find a way to draft him.

In the Army, Roberts became a combat medic, quickly rising to Sergeant First Class,and, he also became aUS Citizen. He was willing to give his life for the protection of his country. He says that many people born here take it for granted, but having to fight to become a citizen, he has always known the value. Regardless of where he was born, America is his true home.

Roberts graduated medic school with honors, and went on to see combat in the Battle of the Bulge. He was forced to see a lot of bloodshed, even when he did not carry a weapon due to his Medic status.

When Roberts returned to the states, he met the love of his life, Ruth. They were married and went on to have 4 sons, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He still describes Ruth as, “the sweetest girl God ever put on this Earth. She is the kindest, most caring, loving person.”

After the love of Family, he truly loves his country, is proud to be a veteran and proud to have served alongside so many other brave souls- some of who lost their lives. Knowing some of them died without the joy of a wife and children, he tends their graves, remembering them every day. He is a true Patriot.