Heartbreaking truth to dog’s odd behavior

When a family adopted a dog from the shelter, they were not told about his background, but when they looked into his eyes they realized he was a perfect fit for their family.

The love that they had for their new family member seemed to be reciprocated. Their days were spent on walks, romps in the backyard, and nights cuddling on the couch. Then, the family started to notice a strange behavior.

Every night the dog would follow them to their room, sitting beside the bed with a strange expression.

At first, they thought he needed to go out, or needed food or water. Finding no reason for his behavior, they went back to bed. Night after night, the couple would fall asleep with the dog sitting beside the bed, just staring at them.

When they woke up, he was still in the same spot. They tried pretending to be asleep, finding he never moved. They worried that something may be wrong. The vet ran tests but found him to be perfectly healthy. He suggested they try to find out about his past.

When they contacted the shelter, what they found out explained everything.

They were told that instead of simply bringing him to the shelter, his previous owner gave the dog a sedative so he would go to sleep. While the dog was asleep, he transported him to the shelter.

Upon waking, instead of seeing familiar surroundings, he saw the inside of a cage. He never saw his owner again. This had obviously traumatized him and now he was worried that if he went to sleep, his new life would also disappear.

The family was heart-broken. They purchased him a new bed, and placed it next to theirs. They were very patient with the dog, at times even laying with him on the floor. Little by little, they earned his trust and after several weeks, the dog was sleeping when they woke in the morning. They woke him with smiles and love, and after that night, he never stood guard over them again.