These Flight Attendent Packing Hacks are Genius

If you’re headed out on vacation there is nothing like the airport to start your trip off the wrong way. Nowadays air travel can fluster even the most zen of travelers. Even if you manage to survive the trip with your piece of mind, it could be quickly lost if you find the airline has lost your luggage.

As a result more and more travelers are downsizing their bags and traveling with just a carry-on. It is absolutely possible to fit all your essentials in a carry-on. After all, flight attendants do it for a living! Here are their top tips to pack quickly and efficiently:

Have a routine

Flight attendants always use the same bags and place items in the same order in the same compartments. This makes packing become second nature so even if you’re running late or a little spacey from too many Mai Tais the night before you’ll still make your flight with all your belongings in tow.

Use baggies

Use baggies like vacuum sealed bags. It’s a genius space saving move that will give you space for some extras and keep you organized! Simply place your clothes inside and then presses the air out.

Smart layers

Wear your layers on the plane. You’ll be happy to have them in cooler cabins and can always remove them in warmer cabins. Either way it will be a few less items that need to make it in your carry-on.

A few designated travel items

Consider purchasing a few items that are striating for travel and stay in your carryon year round. Suggesting include an extra long charging cord and external battery pack for your phone or a cozy scarf that can also be a blanket or pillow during travel.

Roll it up

There may be a hot debate between whether to fold or roll while packing, but the pros weigh in heavily on rolling. Not only can you fit more in your bag but your clothes will have fewer hard wrinkles.

Plan for the worst

With extra full flights there is still a possibility you could have to check your carry-on, so its best to be prepared to sneak your must need items into your purse or backpack.