Before and After Sober Photos!

Alcohol isn’t the best for you; we all know it. However, it IS an excellent social lubricant, and when we’re hanging out, having some drinks with friends, it’s hard to remember that you might be doing damage to your body. That’s where these photos come in. A picture is worth a thousand words, and these certainly speak volumes. These are all before and after photos of people who have given up alcohol altogether, and the results are certainly startling. Take a look!

This woman has certainly discovered just how many empty calories are in booze, because after just 8.5 months of sober living, she looks like she’s lost about half her body weight!

Clearly this man discovered that when you quit drinking, not only does your average calorie intake go down, but you suddenly have much more energy and motivation for exercise! He looks like he’s having a lot of fun cycling!


Not drinking can make you more clear-headed and alert, as is obvious from the photos of this man. He looks sloppy in the one, but as a sober guy he looks professional and yet still relaxed.

Switch out an alcoholic beverage for something else, and you’ll still be able to go to parties with friends. There’s no reason why you can’t sip water while they sip wine (and you’ll feel better in the morning)!

Finally, drinking dries you out, prevents you from sleeping restfully, and generally slows you down. Just look at how much younger this guy looks now that he’s quit!

We’re not saying you have to quit drinking altogether, but remember to hydrate, supplement it with plenty of exercise and rest, and keep everything in moderation!