Pregnant Mom Gets Unexpected Help

Traveling with children is the bane of any parent’s existence. They’re loud and cranky and they don’t understand why they have to be stuck in one seat on the airplane, and by the way, changing diapers at 35,000ft is a nightmare. However, sometimes it simply has to be done, and in those circumstances, you just have to grit your teeth and bring lots of snacks.

We assume that’s what one young mother did when she brought her toddler onto a plane by herself recently. She was also visibly pregnant, which can’t be easy. All those hormones, the exhaustion, the potential for motion sickness… yikes! And then, just as she was settling in to get some rest, the worst happened: her toddler started fussing and would not quiet down. Being that loud person on a plane isn’t fun, and the mom was visibly starting to despair when a kind stranger stepped up and offered his help.

A man, completely unknown to the woman, walked up to her and said that he was a father and could see that she needed some rest. He offered to hold her son and walk him up and down the aisle, and ended up doing so for hours! Without knowing her at all, this man reached out to a woman in distress and helped her out. And he’s humble too – we wouldn’t know about this story except that a fellow flier snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook: