Keep Your Pup Safe in the Car

Your dog is a cherished member of your family, and the last thing you want is to deny those big puppy eyes when you’re headed out on the road. As easy as it is to just let them jump on in and head out, is your canine bestie really safe in your car? You would never want to endanger your pup, so what can you do to ensure their trip is safe?


One absolutely adorable option is a doggy seat belt. Your car wasn’t really designed with your dog in mind, and most doggies are unsecured which can be dangerous in the event of an accident. And even though we all know they love to hang their heads out and catch a nice breeze, its actually quite dangerous. They can be hit by a flying object or if tempted may even jump out! A doggy seat belt is an inexpensive option to keep man’s best friend safe and secure on the road.

If a doggy seat belt is sounding a little odd to you don’t worry, there are tons of other options to keep your dog safe and secure on all your adventures. A zip line harness will allow your dog to move freely in the backseat but still be secured. A crate will keep your dog safe, comfortable, and secure. For small dogs a carry box will keep them safe and elevate them to see all the sights. Putting a guard gate to keep dogs secured in the back of an SUV allows movement but will keep your dog from being thrown forward in an accident. A back seat barrier or hammock will allow your dog to lounge, King of the backseat, without you worrying about them being thrown forward or trying to climb up front.

With so many options to keep man’s (and woman’s) best friend safe and comfortable in the car there’s no reason they can’t accompany you on all your adventures!