Shark Jumps on Boat!

Safely floating or speeding along on a boat, we try not to think of things floating in the deep beneath us, but sometimes those things can get a little, up close and personal. A boat full of fisherman off of the coast of Long Island came face to face with something we don’t like to think about in early July. They were almost scared out of their boots when a huge Mako Shark jumped right into their boat. Mako sharks have been known to break the surface, but landing on a boat? Stuff of nightmares, right?

In the clip below, not only do you get to see just how scary this fellow is even out of the water. As scared as the fisherman were, they were still concerned that the ocean-dweller was stuck and unable to get itself back in the water. They knew, no matter how dangerous, just what they had to do.

Thankfully everyone, shark included, ended up coming out of it without a scratch.