Photo Book makes Sharks Photo Stars


Skerry is an amazing photographer, specializing in ocean photography. He has spent 30 years collecting photos depicting the lives of marine creatures. Working for National Geographic has given him a great deal of notoriety, as well as the ability to capture these amazing images.

Brian has spent 10,000 hours  over the past 30 years swimming in oceans throughout the world. During this time, he has been fascinated with sharks who, while beautiful, are also endangered.He has his first encounter with a shark in 1982, 7 years after the release of the infamous JAWS movie, and fell in love.

Commercial fisheries kill an estimated 100 million sharks each year, in part due to increasing popularity for such delicacies as shark fin soup. Sharks have been overfished, and because they do not reproduce quickly, they are not replacing themselves fast enough to meet the demands. Over half of shark and ray species are now classified as threatened or near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. (IUCN)

Skerry himself stated that he became a photographer because he likes looking at pictures and is very passionate about nature. Combining two things that he loves is an important aspect of his job. He also feels that photography is a powerful tool that can make a tremendous difference because of the visual aspect of humans and our emotional response to imagery. He states that a single photo can stay with a person for their entire life. .

His powerful images bring to life the predators that he holds dear as well as their fight for survival.

Skerry, who also Blogs for National Geographic, has created a book entitled, “Shark,” which contains 250 photos and chapters outlining the role that sharks play in the ocean as well as the need for shark conservation.

The book, which is told with humor, respect, and emotion, partners with the breathtaking images to provide a beautiful story of the life of these creatures. photo credit